The Original Mini-Pallet Drink Coaster!

These novelty drink coasters were designed with the rustic theme in mind. The design, and the feel of this all hardwood coaster will fit in nicely with any outdoor setting, or any rustic themed interior settings. These are great for decks & patios, camps & cottages, your man cave (or your husband’s man cave…), and certainly bars! These make greatĀ Father’s Day gifts!

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3″ Wide
3.75″ Long
0.75″ Thick

These coasters are made from birch and maple hardwood cut-offs, which are mainly sourced and recycled from the scrap cuttings of local woodworking facilities. These are produced from raw lumber to finished product, in a Canadian facility located in Northern Ontario. The craftsmanship is far superior to what you will find from other pallet coaster producers!

After assembly, these are thoroughly sanded to provide a rather smooth surface, then they are dipped in an oil finish. This oil finish penetrates the surface of the pallet coaster, giving it a protective layer that will withstand most of your intoxicated house guests!

Reasons our pallet coasters really are the BEST…

  1. Hardwood Construction
    Other coasters on the market are made from softwoods because they are cheaper, found everywhere, and are easier to work with. Our drink coasters are hardwood, which are more durable overall, and have more resemblance to a real hardwood shipping pallet.
  2. Smooth Sanding
    Other coasters on the market are very rough, and have sharp edges that can scratch your furniture. Ours are sanded, even on all the corners and edges, to provide a smooth surface that does not scratch furniture surfaces.
  3. Protective Finish
    Other wooden coasters come ‘unfinished’, meaning there has been no protective coatingĀ applied to it. Those coasters will absorb any spills, and permanently stain the wood grain, creating an everlasting ugly mess! Ours are dipped in an oil finish that protects the outer surface from stains and damage.


Pallet Coasters - Order now